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Welcome to my Beijing Blog!

My name is Lindsey Carmichael, and at the time when I wrote in this blog, I was 23 years old and attending the University of Texas at Austin. I am a writer as well as a world-class archer, and I felt compelled to keep a record of my days in Beijing. I hope you enjoy reading!

A few notes about that. My blog is about fifty posts long, and is organized so that the most recent posts are at the top. That means the easiest way to navigate is to use the calendar at the left side of the page to look at previous months or look at a list of my subject headlines.

To make it easier, I’m going to link the entries I find most pertinent to my Olympic story. The links below by no means constitute my entire experience, but you'll get an idea. (The one in bold with stars is the one of which I am most proud. It was written on September 13th, has a very unassuming name, and it is the one that has been most quoted by others.) Once you click on the link, it will take you to that particular entry, and you can use the “previous / next” links at the bottom of those entries to take you forward and backwards in my writing.


Welcome--Introductory Post!

Four Years… Four Weeks

The Last Practice


Inspiration, and a Final Goodbye

Travel Drama!

At the Village!

Rough Practice, and Opening Ceremonies

Beijing Paralympic Opening Ceremonies

First Day of Scoring

YouTube Videos!

First Match!

Oh the DRAMA! (Or, Lindsey's 1/8th Elimination Match)

Quarter-Finals, a photo, and two videos from yesterday!


**Details on Semis and Bronze Medal Match**

Quick Update + an essay about the Paras from 2004

Closing Ceremonies… Last update from China…?

Final trip home – and a couple surprises!


A Wonderful Week, and More Events to Come!

Two Articles!

Going to the White House for a Visit

Recap of Washington Visit

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a comment on any of the entries, send me a message if you'd like to get in touch, or just poke around as much as you'd like. If you quote me in any way, please remember that all this work is copyright 2008 Lindsey Carmichael.



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Good dispatch and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

Oct. 31st, 2011 06:59 pm (UTC)
Very happy I found your site. Will note it and return for more info.

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